DATE: APR 14 – APR 17

Mastering time-lapse photography is an investment, not only in time but also equipment. Through trial and error, online research, and sleepless nights in the field, it is possible to master the art of time-lapse photography. However, investing in direct training and mentoring will accelerate your learning and help you avoid some of the mistakes you may otherwise make.

Join us in San Francisco for a hands-on experience where we will explore the diversity of the bay area capturing both cityscapes and landscapes. Packed with amazing lookout points, unique culture and unmatched diversity, we will navigate a variety of shooting environments to help ensure that you will be prepared for any scenario that may come your way. Discover the unique approaches for visual storytelling while exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the US (Don’t worry, we will avoid most of the cliché tourist spots unless you really want to see them ;)).

Learn new techniques using motion control equipment, the in’s and out’s of visual storytelling and how to make sure you leave with the footage you need for your project.

With a full itinerary, adventurous exploring, and 4 days of hands on experience and instruction – you will walk away with professional and portfolio worthy pictures, timelapses, and film.


Learn the in’s and out’s of planning your shoot.


Get hands-on experience with motion control equipment.


Learn how to get the most out of your time-lapse footage.


Get tips on how to make money from your footage.


To ensure we hit the ground running, we will be doing google hangouts prior to the workshop so if you are thinking of attending, I highly recommend signing up early for the hangouts. The goal of these hangouts is to get everyone on the same page prior to the workshop. The best part? If you find the hangouts aren’t for you and the education style isn’t for you, I offer 100% refund during this stage! If you have no experience with time-lapses, signing up early will ensure you get the most of the time in San Francisco.

Regarding the workshop itself, the plan is for everyone to arrive on the 14th and get settled. I know that travel sometimes takes a toll so if you need the day for yourself, I get it. For those who want to get started with the learning, I am at your disposal. If you want to go shooting, we will go shooting!

The official learning will start early on the 15th. For the next two days, we will walk through as much as we can of the time-lapse process based on your specific knowledge level. I’ve found that no matter what level you are at, that we are able to ensure you get what you need and are able to learn at the pace you prefer. The key is to be open and honest on what you need from the experience. The official ‘workshop’ sessions are slated to end on the 16th, however, we will be there for the 17th as well for those who decide to fly out on the 18th.

I highly recommend coming in with a plan so you are able to get the most out of the workshop. However, once the workshops wrap up, I am still here for any questions you may have and am available for google hangouts via my coaching sessions if you would like to continue the learning.

What We Cover

Our instructors have learned how to shoot a time-lapse the hard way. We built this course to be the resource we wish we had when we were learning each aspect of time-lapse photography. For this specific course, no previous knowledge of film or photography skills are required.

This 4-day workshop will leave you with the knowledge you require to know what settings to use and how to assemble a time-lapse. We’ll discuss considerations you will need to take into account to improve your chances of capturing a beautiful shot AND telling a story. The best part? If you have questions after the course that you just can’t answer yourself, let us know and we will help you navigate the given obstacle.

You will leave with the skills to shoot static time-lapses, use motion control, how to eliminate flicker, and the latest post-production techniques.


Understand the basic functions of a DSLR and how it applies to time-lapse.


Use our gear library to add dynamics to your shot with motion control.


Learn how to shoot day to night time-lapses, astro time-lapses, hyper-lapses and more.


Learn how to tell a visual story through images.


Understand how to select a framing that best tells your story.


Learn how to manage both your gear as well as your time-lapses while in the field.


Workflow techniques for field & studio. Prep for post-production.


Post-processing using tools such as LR Timelapse, After Effects, and Lightroom.


Learn how to create layer-lapses, remove flicker and much more.


Once you start the course, we’ve got you covered! All food, accommodations, permits, and instructors are inclusive. In addition, you’ll have full access to our gear library which includes a collection of filmmaking tools such as jibs, sliders, and motion control.


Our small group size means more individual attention to focus on what you’re looking to expand on. Set goals at the beginning of the course, then learn & practice techniques in the field.


We have spent hours exploring the bay area and have created a list of some of the best locations to film from. We take care of this so you can focus on the learning process!


Learn and use new timelapse & filmmaking tools from our gear library, including 3-axis motion control, jibs, and sliders.


Prior to the workshop, we will use google hangouts to get the learning process started early. If you want to get the most out of the course, sign-up early to make sure you don’t miss any of the calls!


Lodging will be provided for the entire length of the workshop. We will be renting a house to share for the trip. We find that by staying in the same location, students are able to get the most out of the experience.


Transportation will be provided to and from the airport as well as getting from location to location as we shoot.

  DATE: APR 14 – APR 17

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have included some of the most frequently asked questions about the course. If you still have some unanswered questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

Travel to San Francisco is not included. However, once you land in the city, that’s where we will take over. We will make sure you have a ride to and from the airport as well as travel throughout the city as we explore.

All levels of experience are definitely welcome. We will try our best to cater the experience for your specific needs and help you get what you were hoping out of the workshop.

Time-lapse shooting requires some specialized software to ensure you are getting the most out of your footage. We use Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, LR Timelapse and After Effects. You will need at least the Adobe suite for the course. We can provide a computer with software for the course if needed.

Bring the gear you plan to use when you go out and shoot yourself. We can provide cameras and support gear to work with but we definitely recommend using what you got. A gear list will be provided upon signup.

Class size will vary from class to class. Our goal is to keep the groups fairly small to ensure everyone gets a catered experience and leaves with the skills they hoped to gain from the experience.

Having a faster computer will ensure you get the most out of the experience. Although it is important to work with what you got, if you find your computer is too slow, let us know and we will see what we can do for the course.

This workshop caters to sunrise / sunset shooting and less dark sky work. However, we will prep you with the knowledge you need to shoot the milky way. We find that dark sky workshops are much harder on attendees as learning when tired isn’t fun.

Meals are taken care of for the entire trip. If you have special meal requirements, please let us know so we can make sure to accommodate you during the trip.

Yes! We will have an extensive library of Kessler motion control equipment for your use. If you have a special request, just let us know.

The rental house is only booked from April 14th – April 17th. If you need accommodations for the 13th and 18th, please let us know and we will see what we can do to accommodate.

Whether just getting started with time-lapse shooting or if you want to master the art of time-lapse, this is definitely for you! We will cater the experience to fit your specific needs.

We give a 100% refund 60 days out. However, if you cancel within 60 days, the workshop is non-refundable unless we are able to refill the spot.

The full amount specified with each workshop is due upon registration. If cancellation is received at least 60 days prior to the start of the workshop you will receive a full refund. For cancellations made 0-59 days before the start of the workshop all deposits and workshop fees will be forfeited unless we are able to fill the spot. Preston Kanak reserves the right to cancel any workshop prior to departure for any reason whatsoever including insufficient signup. A workshop with insufficient signup would normally be cancelled a minimum of one month prior to departure. The refund of payments received shall release Preston Kanak from any further liability.

All workshop participants accept full responsibility for personal injury and or personal losses during the period of the workshop. Applications and payments are an acknowledgment of the terms and conditions as outlined in this document. Preston Kanak, it’s staff, and associates are not responsible for injuries resulting from a participant’s carelessness, or for loss or damage to personal property before, during or after the workshop has been attended. This includes all damage to person or property due to accidents, delay in itinerary, or expenses incurred due to theft. Payment for the workshop offered by Preston Kanak means the depositor has read this document and agrees to be bound by the above terms and conditions. I have read the above paragraph concerning the policies and procedures, cost, cancellation policy, health and limits of liability. I agree to hold Preston Kanak harmless according to the above paragraphs. I also agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions, and wish to participate in the time-lapse workshop.

 DATE: APR 14 – APR 17